sheet (plural: sheets)

  1. A cloth covering for a bed.
  2. A single rectangular piece of paper.
  3. A flat metal pan used for baking.
  4. A thin, flat layer of material; as, a sheet of tinfoil.
  5. A broad, flat expanse of material on the ground; as, a sheet of mud, a sheet of ice.
  6. (nautical) a rope used to adjust the trim of a sail. (slang) "Two sheets to the wind": Two of the sheets (ropes) attached to corners of a sail have pulled loose and the sail is not under control. Said of an intoxicated person.
  7. (slang) Money, especially hard cash; as, five-sheet, ten-sheet.
  8. (curling) The area of ice on which a curling game is played.

5 letters in word "sheet": E E H S T.

Anagrams of sheet:

Words found within sheet:

ee eh ehs es est et eth ethe eths he hes hest het hete hets see set sh she shet st te tee tees tes the thee

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